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  • This isn't my first purchase with HugeDomains - my go-to place for the kings of domain names and unrivalled customer service. Choice, payment, transition and customer support are all industry-leading by example and speaks for itself. The back end system is easy to access and use with no errors experienced so far. Will use again as I already have done. - Gavin Li, 12/18/2018
  • Thank you for your fast reply. I really appreciate work with you on that purchase. Regards - Philippe Hamel, 12/17/2018
  • Just purchased my site from HugeDomains! To everyone who's even a little hesitant on purchasing through them; despite any negativity you're going to see in their comments and reviews, this was a super easy, quick and professional service. I was emailed my secure information immediately after purchasing and given access to my domain within 24 business hours. No scams, or weird gimmicks. 10/10 would purchase through these guys again! To anyone wondering about why there are so many angry reviews: it's literally just because they LEGALLY buy and then upsell domains. It's actually a really smart business model and people do that stuff all the time with concert/game tickets ( and other sites like eBay. You can buy things at any antique stores and then upsell them to make a profit. Anyone saying that these guys are criminals or scam artists are straight up just butthurt that they had to buy a more expensive domain. It's that simple. - Nicole Rodrigues, 12/13/2018
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